Rollecate: a fast track-laying game

Created by Michiel de Wit

Easy to learn and fast to play card game, combining push-your-luck with tactics, set building and a beautiful white metal locomotive.

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Rollecate mini-expansion as reward in our new Kickstarter campaign
20 days ago – Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 08:04:36 AM

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BGG interview with author Michiel de Wit at SPIEL'19
3 months ago – Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 11:38:13 PM

This is just a short update to share a cool video with you. At SPIEL'19, Rollecate author Michiel de Wit was interviewed by Rodney Smith for BoardGameGeek. The game overview video was just released and we wanted to share it with you.

This video is really quite a good introduction to the game. Rodney Smith, an experienced interviewer known for his videos for Watch it Played, talks with Michiel about the game, while playing it. And he actually has some interesting remarks as well...

SPIEL'19 and Rollecate microbadge
3 months ago – Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 10:29:03 AM

As you may have heard before, this year we were invited to be one of the exhibitors at SPIEL in Essen, the world's largest board game fair. Of course we were very honoured and of course we said 'yes' immediately. And a few weeks ago the day had come we would travel to Essen, Germany to prepare for SPIEL.

By 'prepare' we mainly mean 'to build up our stand', because there would not have been any way to properly prepare for the craziness of the whole thing! This year, Thursday was extremely busy. And actually, last years visitors records got broken with a large margin. Over 200,000 people visited the fair. And after 5 intense days, it actually felt like we had spoken and played with every single one of them ;)

Not to bore you with all the details, let's say SPIEL was awesome. We had a blast. And, of course, we played Rollecate almost a gazillion times. Good news: we still like the game. And that is quite something, because with food, eating the same thing over a hundred times in a short time, usually is a great way to start to hate even the best dishes.

Rollecate on display at SPIEL'19

A publisher for Rollecate, perhaps?

And other good news is that we actually talked with a number of publishers. We have good hopes we will find one or more publishers for the game, bringing it to a lot more people. Because the bad news is, we don't have many copies of the game left and we will not be doing a new print run ourselves anymore.

Rollecate Microbadge

One more thing: since about a week Rollecate has its very own microbadge on BoardGameGeek. So if you have a BGG-account, you can now show the world how much you like Rollecate ;)

Go and get the Rollecate microbadge on BoardGameGeek now!

To get the microbadge, go here and click Buy. If you don't have any GeekGold left, send us a note. We have some laying around at our HQ.

Last rewards have been shipped
4 months ago – Sat, Nov 02, 2019 at 07:14:20 PM

Today we shipped the very last rewards to our backers. These were mainly backers that did not respond to the Backerkit survey. In the end we were able to get in contact with all of them. 

So that's it, this Kickstarter campaign is now complete. Time for a new one! So keep posted. 

Thanks to everyone for supporting Rollecate!

Last batch of trains has been cast!
5 months ago – Sun, Oct 06, 2019 at 10:41:19 PM

So, it took way longer than we hoped, but finally, we got the news that the last batch of train miniatures has been cast! Packaging will start Tuesday, and packages should be on their way shortly after. Again, sorry for the delay some of you had to endure. 

Last batch of white metal miniatures being made

Oh, and one more thing: with SPIEL'19 in Essen (Germany) coming up, we decided it would be nice to do something special. We'll be on the world's biggest board game fair as an exhibitor (Hall 6, booth L100) and that's not an everyday occasion. So we decided to take one of the modules we were working on for the expansion and make it into a separate mini-expansion, available on SPIEL as a promo! You'll hear more about that in a few days!